2 Marriage Lines Palmistry?

2 Marriage Lines Palmistry?
I just want to know what my marriage line says. I’m worried because I do not want to be married twice. Here is the deal…I had already fallen in love, but the relationship only lasted 6 months. This was a while back. I was just in love, but nothing else occurred like marriage or an engagement. Also my dad use to have two marriage lines, but one disappeared after my mom and dad got back together after a long separation.

What do you think there is also a line in between, what can you tell about the age i might be married and length of the lines. Thanks for your help :)






Suggestion by peggie a
I have to tell you that predictive palmistry is a crapshoot. Most modern day palmists might call “marriage” lines – relationship lines. Which means they can be indicative of close personal relationships (with parents, children, significant others or even business partners) but they do NOT predict marriage.

For instance, I’ve been married twice and am now in a significant, long-term, successful partnership – I have one line in the “old wives tale marriage line space”. I also have no “children’s lines” yet have 2 step kids and 3 pets that I consider children…

Please make your choices in life based on you and your purpose and your free will — do NOT let anyone else determine your choices for you. Please.

Palmistry is extremely useful for fine-tuning your direction and making choices based on what’s “easiest” for you – but it’s not a replacement for living your life in full.

Peggie Arvidson
Professional Palmist and Exceptional Life Coach

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Palmistry: Marriage lines question?
on my left hand, where my ”marriage lines” are, it goes into a widely spaced fork shape. With two ends. They are downward sloping, but don’t touch the heart line. But the thing is, it starts off as a fork shape, but are only connected a tiny bit at the begining. The ”fork” is very long.

Any ideas?

Suggestion by The Undertaker
Generally, this indicates that their will be a separation from a loved one. In some cases, you can live apart from each other but eventually, it will end in divorce or separation.


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