Can you tell about pregnancy in a palm reading?

Can you tell about pregnancy in a palm reading?
What lines in your hand indicate you are CURRENTLY pregnant and how the pregnancy will go? Any that indicate boy/girl? I know the marriage line can have offshoots for how many children you will have in your lifetime, but I’m curious to know about a current pregnancy and how it will go. I’ve done the needle/ring on a string trick for gender but would like to know if palmistry offers another insight! Thanks!

Suggestion by lala
A good Palm reader will tell you how many kids you will have but telling you if you are pregnant or not ;;;;no he cannot tell you

Suggestion by Em
I had my palm read awhile ago and the Palm reader said you can no longer determine how many kids your are going to have by your palm since people have been using contraception

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Palm Readings-I would like to know how many children i am going to have.?
Someone told me that its located at the edge of your Pinky.
Well i thought that was the marriage line? am i wrong…
i am left handed. and when i make a fist i see a dark line and a light line and its like there parallel lines so idk…& i read that the longer the line is that means its a boy??? idk..i need some help lol.

Suggestion by Kimmyyy.
Ive heard hat if you press around your palm bumps come out and the number of bumps means the number of kidz ur gonna have.

Suggestion by hello
To fine out How many children your gonna have is easy.
What you do it look at your right hand, Then go to the pinky, From the pinky look down to your palm, The lower end of your palm under the pinky, press in really hard, These bubble in your wrist are gonna pop up. Count the bubbles and that’s how many kids you will have.

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