How can you read your future?

How can you read your future?
How can i read my own future? IS it with my palm lines ? If somebody ever read the future for you id love to hear it out]
The thing is that my grandma’s future was told wen she was just a kid and she is 54 now and up to this point everything is right..

Suggestion by Cinna
You future is unknown but you do play a big part in what it holds.

Suggestion by Clanad
Sad to say, when I was younger, some people read what was supposed to be my future, be it in tea leaves, astrological chart, lines in my palms or tarot cards.

None were right. Thank God for His Mercy—I now know that only He has my future in His Hands and knows what it will be. He also mercifully keeps it secret.

Suggestion by Gale Pendragon
ummmm im pretty sure it virtually impossible because killing a fly could somehow change your future so your future always changes. And by knowing your future you would try to change things which would start a time paradox or something

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Do you know how to read palm lines?
My friend knows how to read palm lines and she said I have “half a horn” on one of my palms. She said that it means I am going to die before the age of 30. Is this true? I am currently 23 years old and worried.

Suggestion by Kathleen
This is why God says to stay away from mediums and psychics. They tell you lies and worry and scare you. She’s messing with your mind.

Suggestion by crap a lot 2
i hope you didnt pay her

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  1. Josh Alfred November 28, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    Contemplate the potential results, then measure the probability of them happening, and then try to actualize them.

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