In palmistry what does it mean if i dont have a life line but i have a really strong fate line?

In palmistry what does it mean if i dont have a life line but i have a really strong fate line?
i have a very tiny line not even a centimeter long and its broken int he middle and my fate line is really wide and not broken at all.

Suggestion by txpainthorse
Means you have fate for a short time.

Suggestion by Ryan D
it means your fate is to live a short life.

Suggestion by Sammi Sharpie
Palmistry is completly fake. My friends mom used to do it. and all it is, is talking and ranting about random stuff which gets ur mind off things… *sigh* if only it were true

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Palm Reading Questions– No fate line?
What does it mean when I have no fate line in palmistry
It’s gone on both hands.

My right had has deep heart, head and life lines…

My left hand has a deep heart line and a life line. My left hand seems to have a faint head line

Why do I have no fate line. Does it mean my life isnt’t ruled by destiny at all?

Suggestion by Adrian
i dont have one either in short it means fate either thinks your too important or not important enough to rule over you
create your own destiny

Suggestion by razorkittee
First, I would want to know if there was an X, even faintly, on your fate line. This could indicate a period of transition or flux, that everything is still up in the air, and that trials are about to change the landscape of your life.

Secondly, I would look more closely at the ‘future’ indications of the lines you do have. A lack of clarity on the fate line may mean just that, a lack of clarity in what your fate is, not that you don’t have one at all. For instance, if you see clear indications of marriage or children in the future, then it presupposes that you will have these, not that your life is “over” because you don’t have a fate line.

Thirdly, it may be simply because now is not the time for your fate to be revealed to you, because knowing it may alter the choices you make. The gods are funny that way, free will and all that…Just be you, and do what you know is right. I wouldn’t freak out, if I were you. Good luck!!

Suggestion by medusa
It’s possible that your fate line is running with another line making it difficult to decipher. Another thought is that you haven’t developed an awareness of your skills and talents. The fate line often develops when a person becomes aware of his skills and talents during their adolescents. A fate line that isn’t there could also mean you do not wish to follow a conventional route which isn’t bad at all. I think you just might be free-spirited.

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  1. Lyn K says

    dont worry,especially if u r a teen or early 20’s.i had a faint,broken f8 line at those ages,and worried a little about it!today(l8 30’s)i have a strong,deep f8 line -it developed over the years,as life experience(and age!)increased.i suspect this might be fairly normal-maybe palm prints deepen over the years-like wrinkles !!!!

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