Is there a psychic or medium reality tv show?

Is there a psychic or medium reality tv show?
I got my first tv cable in years, a few months ago. Since then, I have been searching psychic reality tv show but found none. I am fascinated in tv shows involving with spirit experts contacting dead loved ones or experts who claim to have gifts of seeing and communicating with angels. If you know one such show that is good, please drop me a line. Thanks.

Suggestion by Dromo Ocquaye
yes its on tlc its called long island medium .if my memory serves.

Suggestion by susan
That would be hard to do since television is so visual and spirit people are usually not ones to appear on cue.

You might want to consider gaining an understanding of your own gifts so you can live that reality!

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What happened to all those psychic TV commercials?
I never see any anymore, but anyone who lived through the 90’s knew they were rampant and omnipresent. See this link for example.

At what point did the general public just start to lose total interest in them? I had wanted to call one once that gave you a free hour, not because I believed in them, but for entertainment purposes. I suppose readings are still around, you just have to look for them now. They don’t shove them in your face on tv anymore.

Suggestion by Keith
All the business went to online sites and pretty much shut down the phone services.

Suggestion by Becky
I’m not sure. Perhaps that doesn’t add to business. The type of people that would call, would call regardless of the advertisement. Perhaps they are looking for the crowd the believes rather than those doing it for the kicks.

Random story that sort of apples and you may find funny:
Some random lady came up to my mom when we were in the supermarket a few years ago and told her that she was psychic. She foretold that I would be and actress and my sister a writer. It was really weird. An Actress, seriously??? Anyways. I’m only 16 but I can say with certainty that i will never b an actress. I want to be a doctor.

Suggestion by tiny_tim
Miss Cleo got a full time job as a greeter at Wal-mart.

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Did they allow your own video equipment? Did you sign any kind of agreement and if so, what were the terms? How would you rate your experience with the psychic. How long ago did you participate? Thanks for your input. :)
I don’t believe in psychics whatsoever. I’m trying to provide ‘the untold stories’ to those that do believe in them so they can see the truth. But all I find on the internet are testimonials provided by the psychic sites which are obviously going to only provide the favorable ones.

Suggestion by Muhammad Atkinson
Don’t bother looking into this at all, psychics are clearly frauds and only gullible idiots believe them.

Suggestion by Doonie
I did it when I was 20. Faked out “the Great Raveen”. What fun!

Suggestion by c.
I wouldn’t know, and they don’t have a clue.

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psychic tv
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