Is There a Significance to Having a LOT of Palm Lines?

Is There a Significance to Having a LOT of Palm Lines?
My hands are incredibly line-y. Although I’m young and they aren’t wrinkled, I have a massive amount of lines on my palms and fingers. In the past, I studied a bit of palmistry and found that I had all of the obscure lines, such as a fully defined “mystic cross” on both hands and a double life line. I was wondering if there is any significance to having so many lines on my hands. Is it a good sign, a bad sign, a birth defect, etc? I’m just curious.

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Means you will have a lot of issues in life.

Suggestion by briandwales
yes there is

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Do you beleive that palm lines tell your future?
Do you believe that that future can be reflected by your palm lines?

Suggestion by OhMyLanta ♏☮-I♥MJ-♏☮
No, the future can never be known.

Suggestion by Richard R
It might tells you some thing about you it’s psychological it’s just a believes, but the future can never be predict…

Suggestion by Connor
No, the future is what you make it. It’s absurd to think we live as our hands will us to.

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5 Responses to Is There a Significance to Having a LOT of Palm Lines?

  1. Ava August 19, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    There is probably some truth to it. My life line has lengthened in the past few years, it used to be really short. But there is still no marriage line in sight, lol. It’s a subject that confuses me, but I still find it interesting.

  2. Sierra Webbramkausay Feindelabergrondelitz August 19, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    Nah. One time a little kid came up to me and said “Let me see your palms.” So I showed her and she told me “You have an “M” so you’re going to get married soon.” lol

    It was cute.

  3. Amethyst33 August 19, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Yes there is truth in palmistry. I studied it for a while, but astrology has always been my first love. I want to a palm reader and she charged only 5 dollars for about a 5-10 minute session.

    She told my mother to use herbs instead of vitamins. She told my daughter that she would be traveling and changing schools. She was correct about both issues.

    When she looked at my palm, she said that there was a possible nervous breakdown for me in the next few years and to take good care of myself. I didn’t like my palm reading. But my father had died 3 months before. My best friend died two years later. And my partner died one year later. I was truly hanging by a very thin thread. But through he earlier reading, I realized that if I didn’t begin “living” again I could very well possibly “lose it.” So I went to my doctor and he prescirbed anti-depressants and counseliing and with that direction I began to “live” again. Sure I still am sad my loved one aren’t around me. But the reality is that they will be waiting for me when it is my turn to go to heaven. That has been my comfort. To know that I will see them again.

    So yes, there are good palm readers in the world. But you shoulldn’t have to pay a fortune, and you shouldn’t have to go back again to receive “more” information. They lines on our hand do have meaning. But the most important thing is to make sure that your palm reader doesn’t make generalizations as hard data should be given.

    I’m glad that we did have our palms read, but honestly, palm readers, tarot card readers, even astrologers can “recognize” our health and demeanor. My mom was healthy and in her late 70′s. My daughter was the age that one often travels to school or relocates to get a job. And I must have looked a fright as I had been crying everyday over the loss of my Dad. I am quite certain that was well-etched on my face.

    But there are good palm readers out there and for 5 bucks we received authentic information. And she also asked for our Sun Sign which of course gives more information in order to “read” your palm.

    Check it out if you feed like it. Just don’t pay too much and don’t keep going back when they say, “when you come back I can tell you more>” BS! Run like the wind and keep on running. And if you hear any predictions of your death, leave immediately. Our Creator is the only one that knows when we are going to die. Period. When the Lord wants us he is going to take us.

    Good question. And word of mouth is the greatest way to find a good palm reader. If it “feels” seamy and dark and foreboding, again, Run like the wind!

    Hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you.

  4. Archer Sweetie x August 19, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    No – I have tons of exp with this psychci mumbo jumbe —— and i can tell you to future can never be written – Free Will conquers all.

  5. MGD August 19, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Hi Natalia,

    Sorry to say,

    I don’t believe for one minute in palm reading – it has no scientific basis

    neither has

    Astrolgy or
    Tarot Cards, or
    runes or

    We make our own destiny and sometimes life deals us a great hand and sometimes a lousy one.

    It was Neitsche I hear who said – what doesn;t kill me makes me stronger

    Be tough – go after what you want and good luck to you

    remember however to be careful what you aim for becuase if you make the sacrifices to achieve it – you wil – then and only then will you know if it was worth it.

    Regards Mike D


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