palm reading and marriage line?

palm reading and marriage line?
I got my palm read today by a friend, and some weird stuff came up.
She told me the exact people she saw I was going to marry and I didn’t understand how she knew. Is there any way to tell someones future through palm reading? If so, how? Help!
She also told me who I was going to have babies with and what kind of car I was going to drive. She also told me that I was going to live to 78 and a few of my future jobs. I would like to know how this is possible and how to be fairly accurate.

Suggestion by BleachedBarbie
i would be so scared if she told me when i was gonna die.

Suggestion by Barney_22
sorry but it seems a bit way too accurate info to be read from a palm…either she has done that all her life and it runs int eh family so its in her blood (which i doubt by the sounds of it) or she was jst doing it out of a do-it-urself book!…even psychics cannot be that accurate sumtimes!!

Suggestion by Big Cazzo
I dealt with the occult practices and particularly divinity for a long time myself…

ive NEVER seen palming get that specific. So id say no. Unless you make it a self fulfilled prophesy.

But thats just me.

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Anyone know how to read palms?
just looked up which line is which. my marriage line splits into two line, with the bottom line being deeper. then my life and fate lines completely are shaped like a Y. they end in opposite sides of my palms. what does all this mean? i thinking of a divorce, what does my palm suggest.

and if you don’t believe that’s ok, no need to make any rude comments! thanks!

BTW i am a woman of 32, contrary to my pic

Suggestion by Cas. San. Dra.
My palms can read braille.

Suggestion by alamyst
No one knows how to read palms because it is made up fiction

Suggestion by deideiblueeyez
Here, use this site to help you compare the lines on your hand w/ the pictures…

I’m sure you’ll find a match, because its difficult to do palmistry without a picture of a person’s hands…

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Afraid To Be With My Future Wife?
I Know no one knows what the future holds and we have to live each day as it comes. The thing is I am very afraid of my future especially with my wife. I am afraid I might have picked up some bad habits(my dad use to a long time ago hit my mom); I went out with this girl who was on and off with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had cheated on her, and I was the rebound…I know it doesn’t justify my actions but we ended up fooling around.

Anyways these are some of the bad habits I have picked, I am a strong believer In karma and I am just afraid that I might do something like this to my future wife. Cheat on her, hit her, hurt her…Its fear, just an illusion, but I never want it to come true.

I know as stupid as this may sound I also had a fortune teller read my palm and tell me I would have two wives( she read my marriage line). I am sickly afraid this might come true, especially since my father told me he also had two marriage lines, but ended up working things out with my mother and one of the lines disappeared.

Anyways I don’t know what to do, or how to stop feeling this way. I guess I have made my bed and now I have to sleep in it.
Amazing Answers Thank you all for taking your time out for reading and answering my question. Putting into vote…Thank you so much!

Suggestion by MINDY
It is easy for a fortune teller to tell you that you will have 2 wives, because divorce is so prevelant these days, and it is very common for people to marry twice. Just the fact that you worry about these things shows that you are concious about it and you will exercise every measure to avoid these things from happening. The real danger is when somebody feels over confident, the they fall before they realize it; but you sound like you will be very careful.

Suggestion by monique
You don’t have to make your bed and sleep in it. You can buy a new mattress, so to speak. It is a plus that you are recognizing that some issues in your past may impact your future. Counseling may help you work through this process at the cognitive level. Better to take the garbage out now, then to end up in a land fill after you get married! I think half the battle is admitting there are issues. Some people just get married and bring their entire trash heap with them, so you are on your way to changing those negative thoughts. Counseling may really benefit you.

Suggestion by Phantom_Of3
First, you shouldn’t take the idea of Karma like you do. Think of it this way: good things often happen to people who are nice to others and treat them well, and bad things often happen to people who are bad to others. You reap what you sow. If you seriously believe in Karma as some sort of spiritual force, you will scare yourself to death.

Secondly, don’t trust fortune tellers. They are paid to tell you a future that they think sounds interesting enough for you to spread the word or come back again. Also, you have to learn that, in general, just because someone says something is true, or you have a scary thought, doesn’t mean that it will come true. See, you are not your dad. You can choose to not be like him.

Beyond this, all you can do is seek counseling. But try and remind yourself that you choose who you are.

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  1. Suki says

    You are afraid of the future, you say. What I think you’re afraid of, is really yourself. What I get from what you wrote here is you are afraid you might not be able to be faithful, or more generally, control yourself and be “right”. You’re afraid of cheating on, beating, and hurting your future wife.

    The good news is all these are things that are (or can become) under your personal control. These are not things that can’t be fixed. That is a blessing, you know.

    Our fears, insecurities, beliefs about ourselves etc are linked to our experiences: our experiences to a great deal taught us lessons, sometimes negative lessons that become parts of our personalities..therefore parts of our belief systems-and as such they guide our behavior. Fortunately, when we discover some of our beliefs are wrong, we can modify them and live a better life.

    In order to do that, it is often best to seek the help of a professional. This is not a mental disorder, but it does affect you (your internal well being, your relationships etc). You do not need medications of course. You can however decide to solve this with the help of a psychologist, who will help you recognize the sources of this fear, and most importantly help you deal with these feelings and find a way to make your relationships work.

    It is very good that you are not afraid to admit your thoughts and fears. Now, you need to do something about them. As long as these feelings are there, it will not be easy to feel good within the relationship. If you care about this relationship, you need to work with yourself. At some point, it might be a good idea to share these feelings with your future wife, and inform her that you are trying to work with these feelings. Maybe involve her in this effort too, when relationship issues might arise.

    The fact that your father a long time ago hit your mother does not mean you will turn out to be the same. Neither does the fact that you once fooled around with a girl that had an on-and-off boyfriend. These are not things that make you a bad person. These are experiences from which you learned something bad or good. Forgive yourself if you feel bad about it, and see what you can do to become better.

    The fortune teller……so what if this person said you will have 2 wives? Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. There is no way of knowing, and it’s always best to avoid thinking about things we can’t prove. The best thing is to work with things that we can control and improve..our inner world, and out behavior.

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  2. Daniel says


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  3. Left-T says

    If the person is good, yes, they can read the palms pretty accurately. HE or she can be off 1 or 2 years but, generally,marriage lines, children etc…are easy to notice as well as general matters of the heart, intellect, money. life, sickness etc..

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