Palm reading – broken life line – what does this mean?

Palm reading – broken life line – what does this mean?
I wonder if you can help, I have two very different palms from my left and right hand,

On my left hand all of the lines are strong, long and unbroken, on my right hand I have a broken life line, a cross on my head line – which goes into two lines and a brake on heart line…

Does anyone know what these mean?

Also i have a brown spot quite large under my ring finger on my left hand, i wonder if you could help with what this means?

Only people to answer that know about palm reading please – if you don’t believe please refrain from answering thanks

Suggestion by Vic DiCara – Astrologer (Vedic)
It is important whether you are right or left handed dominantly.

I’m going to say if you are right handed you have made choices in your current life which have lessened your ability to benefit from the karmas you were born with. You should rethink your choices seriously. If you are left handed, just the opposite, you have made fantastic choices.

The “life line” is the earth line – the line of health. A break means a health weakness and a weakness in earth / stability.

The “head line” is the air line a break on that means a problem with creative thinking. You have a cross, depends under which finger the cross occurs. Having two lines is not bad, I have two nearly the entire length. I think it’s quite adaptable thinking.

The “heart line” is the water line – again a break indicates an emotional challenge or weakness.

The ring finger is the finger of fire and of the Sun. The brown spot may indicate difficulty with father and authority figures.

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PALM READING: My life line breaks at the end and then keeps GOING?
My life line breaks about almost to my wrist and then keeps going…until it wraps around my wrist, what does that mean!?!?!?

Suggestion by I luv Mariana
umm read the bible. you know they are either not true or demonic right?

Suggestion by m
Hi Crazy8, I’m answering your question because you asked me to lol, but I wish I actually knew what the answer is… I’m not really familiar with palm reading, but I’m sure someone out there will help you find your answer! Thanks for answering my question btw!

Suggestion by The BounceR 4 SALE…
Darn krappers. Maybe you can get it fix at the doctor or hospital hon. Who broke the dam line. This is stupid and um, you shouldn’t have lent it to them dudes.

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In palm reading what is a classic life line?
I went and got my palm read today and the palm reader said that I had very deep, easy to read lines. Then she said I had a classic life line. Does anyone know what this means?

Suggestion by onthefence
It curves down to your wrist in an almost crescent shape..It means that your life will be “clasic” as in not too long and not too short..

Suggestion by CAMELS
I dont know, but i got my 2pts

Suggestion by Henry W
normal life, steady and clear

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palm reading life line
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  1. handresearch says

    Hello Femme Fatale,

    On my website you can read an overview of 10 years research in the field of palm-reading. Next to various interesting psychological research studies (in cooperation with professional handanalysts!) I did e.g. quite some literature research, you can view my library at:

    Regarding your question, the term ‘classical life line’ is not frequently used in the palm-reading literature. But many palm-readers develop their own vocabulair – to make their readings more special. Nevertheless, I am sure that this palm-reader used the word ‘classical life line’ because you probably have a clear strong beautiful developed life line – which ‘curves’ around your thumb and the mouse of your palm.

    I hope this helps you a little bit …. and next time: please do ask your palm-reader what he meant with his words!!

    Best wishes from The Netherlands.

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  2. DAVID G says

    too many books . I know i have one on Plamistry. Will most likely find it after I try to answer from memory.
    I think i means that your life will be normal in terms of longevity.. With minor illnesses sprinkled in.

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