Palm Reading For Women’s Pregnancy

Palm reading For Women Pregnancy

The Lines in Your Palm

Is it possible for a woman to know whether she gets pregnant? Welcome to the palmistry’s world and let’s find out the untold secrets behind each palm line as well as get yourself a chance to discover all your typical characteristics by means of the shapes, the color, and the texture of the palm and the fingers. Out of our four main lines including the heart line, head line, life line, and our fate line, the other minor lines play such an essential part in showing all our interests, hobbies, and congenital talents in the most accurate way.

Fertility Lines

As for the so-called children lines, they tend to go straight across the marriage lines and lie at the bottom of the thumb. These lines seem to lose their luster, so it’s usually hard to detect them at once. One thing should be kept in mind that most children lines can be accurately learned through the other lines crossing or staying nearby them. In other words, if the other lines have some changes in their shapes and positions, the children lines will undoubtedly have a few alternations. Here are some common signs showing us the possibility of getting children, check it out:

– By observing the number of lines from the bracelet to the life line in our palm, it never gets any easier for us to know how many children we may have in the near future.
– In case that the lines under the bracelet are all even in number, it’s not that hard to guess that a little girl will be born at first. If they‘re all odd in number, we definitely have a pretty boy brought to life in advance.
– Remember that if these fertility lines are apparent in women’s palms, their children will surely grow up fast and be very healthy in the future.
– Note that any break in lines can imply a woman’s abortion, or represent the death of her child.

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