palmistry-forked life line head line & fate line.?

palmistry-forked life line head line & fate line.?
In my left hand, I have a fork in my life line which starts from the mid point of life line & that fork is again getting divided in 2 branches just before it reaches t head line & both the forks continue to rise towards mount of saturn(but end before they reach heart line).Also, I have a separate fate line in the left hand starting from the mount of the moon & terminating at the base of sun line.
IN the right hand,the fate line is just like a life line shaped & again it is divided in two branches before it crosses the head line, both branches of the fate lines are terminating on the mount of saturn.Again in the right hand, just like in the left hand, a fork originates at the mid point of life line. This fork is again divided into 2 branches before it crosses the head line. & on one of this fork,sign of star(just between the head line & heart line) is formed. Both the branches of this fork is terminating in the common region of mounts of saturn & sun.
Regarding head line, the left hand head line is bifurcated into two branches at termination & very long( terminates under the mount of mercury).
Whereas in the right hand, the head line has as many as 5 branches.
CAn anyone interpret the meaning of this unusual lines?

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Hello Pinky,

Thank you for your ‘detailed’ question… but I think you should consider to join a palmistry-forum in order to get a ‘detailed’ answer!

The first source below is really a great suitable international Palmistry forum – with over 800 participants (including many very experienced palm readers & hand analysts!)

I hope this option will be useful for you!

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In palmistry, is it possible to have more than two lines of fate?
On my left hand, I have a line that just started to show about half a year ago.. It’s a vertical line that started from my wrist (going up). It is between my Life line and my Fate line. About 2 months ago, I discovered that ANOTHER line that has started to branch off from that line that I just saw half a year ago. They have yet to reach the head line. Can anyone tell me what this line is or what it means?

Suggestion by Greywolf
Yes…this line means in your life you will come between 2 major paths that will affect the rest of your life. Such as: a career choice/religious decision…etc. Quite a few people have this, but the majority does not. But the choice you make will alter your future…no pressure though. :)

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