Q&A: Where is the best place to advertise psychic/prophetic services online for free?

Where is the best place to advertise psychic/prophetic services online for free?
I am building a business as a prophet psychic. I have been doing readings for awhile now but now I’m moving it into a ministry. Where could u advertise these services online for free? I’ve already tried OLX, Backpage, Craiglist and EBay classifieds.

Suggestion by Furious Unicorn
You should prove you ability by winning one of these prizes for proof of the paranormal. If you could do that your name would be a household word.


Suggestion by Lola
I am not sure, but I think you have asked this question in another place too. Nonetheless, I would recommend you to check the http://www.freeadstime.com

Suggestion by susan
Google directories such as body/mind/spirit, New Age, spiritual… am sure you can think of some other tags. There are quite a few directories for this out there that are free for the basic listings.

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Is there a PSYCHIC or ASTROLOGIST who will help me for free?
I got some free readings from different psychics online and was fascinated by what they said and I really wanted to go further and get more detailed readings but they’re too expensive and I don’t have a credit card yet. I was wondering if there are any psychics on here who would be willing to help me for free. I really need some advice right now. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I can give you some great advice free! It is that psychics and astrologers are frauds who cannot give anyone proper advice.

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www.FreePsychicReadingNow.com – Go here to get an honest, authentic, and FREE psychic reading from some of the best psychics online! Hey everyone, I just wanted to make this real quick video to show you all how to get a free psychic reading. There is a really reputable psychic network that is offering free psychic readings for new members. You don’t have to give them a credit card… signing up is completely free. I actually spent a lot of time researching different psychic websites and this site is the best when it comes to hiring real psychics. They‘ve even appeared on Good Morning America! Ok, this is how to get your free psychic readingThere‘s a link in the description box below. Click that link and you’ll be taken straight to the special signup page. This is where you’ll create your free account and ask your question. First, you need to enter your email and click “Sign up”. On the next page, fill out the short form and type in your question at the bottom. Then click “Create free account and submit email reading!”. That’s it! It does say that one of their advisors will contact you within 3 days, but when I got my own reading, my advisor responded the next day, so it was pretty quick. I was surprised that my advisor had sent such a long, detailed response, and even knew about some things I didn’t mention in my question. She told me I would get what I was looking for next Spring… Pretty exciting! Well, I hope that helps. Like I said, creating the account is

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