Q&A: Who was the numerology lady on Dr. Phil?

Who was the numerology lady on Dr. Phil?
Who was the numerology lady on Dr. Phil’s psychic episode on May 25, 2012?

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Glynis McCants.

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don’t know

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Sumerians, Nostradamus and 2012?
I was quiet disturbed when I first learnt about the Sumerian’s prediction about the end of days on december 21, 2012. And then I read that even Nostradumus had predicted something about the same date. Also the Mayans have told something about 2012. This started to give me goose bumps.

Are these prediction scientific, by any means? Are we going to be hit by a comet in 2012? What does Numerology say about this?

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I predict that i’ll shoot myself in the head if i see another stupid 2012 question.

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This question belongs in the mythology and folklore section. Why? Because it’s mythology and folklore. Nostradamus didn’t even predict the TELEPHONE for chrissakes, let alone the end of the friggin world. Please, enter the 21st century and leave the ghosts, pixies, angels, fairies and predictions to the evangelicals.

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Somebody is adding the Sumerians now? Well, that’s just about everybody, now: I Ching, Nostradamus, the bible, some other ancient Chinese prophet, the Mayans, the Babylonians, and a half a dozen other ancient sources. They have all been included in this 2012 thing. I have invited people before to show us the translations of such texts. Guess what. They can’t do it. They have been parroting someone else who said such predictions were made. Not one of those sources ever predicted anything for 2012.

Numerology? Who cares what numerology “says”? It will say whatever someone wants it to say, just like everything that ever came from Nostradamus. These people make it up as they go along.

Now the plain boring facts. Even if some ancient mystics or astrologers predicted something for 2012, why should we believe that any more than the hundreds of other failed predictions to date? There is no reason to believe *anything* catastrophic will happen in 2012. Some people make this stuff up because they want to feel important — be the center of attention. Or they are the sadistic types who like to scare kids. You know, the ones who would put razor blades in halloween apples if they weren’t afraid of getting caught. The ones who would just love to holler “BOMB!” in a crowded stadium concourse. Then there are those who crank this kind of BS out in order to score a quick buck, And people actually believe them. Even worse, some publishers and some cable channels can’t wait to get their hands on that kind of sensationalist bunk in order to increase their sales.

There is no comet or any kind of celestial body which will be anywhere near the earth in 2012. There will be no pole reversal. No destruction from the sun. No black holes or rogue planets. No alignment. It’s all complete nonsense. Every bit of it.

What do you think? Answer below!

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4 Responses to Q&A: Who was the numerology lady on Dr. Phil?

  1. Homer Being October 22, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    No we wont be hit by a comet, the world wont end in 2012, but there will be apocalyptic type evnts that start in 2010 and in in 2014, 2012 represents the peak of this destruction. Science is theory just like everything else, so would you rather trust hundreds of years of “science” or thousands of years of knowledge. If you want my opinion, the Mayan, Sumerians and all other who prophecized about 2012 are descendants of the civilization of Atlantis which was destroyed tens of thousands of years ago, maybe 26,000 years ago, when the last precession completed its cycle. There is no science in attaching 2012 to the creator of this universe, whether “god” or big bang doesnt really matter, it was created either way, and there was a purpose for creation, to continue existence, to bring about life, to have the long term goal of making life abundant in the universe, this is why 2012 will bing destruction, not because the Mayans or the Sumerians predicted it, but because this the plan of the universe, of our galaxy, to trigger life to evolve, so that one day humans may be able to play a greater role in the cosmos, and not just on earth, Its just logical evolution, things need to happen to cause leaps in evolution. Show me the science behind not understanding how the universe really works, if we knew how the universe worked 100% we would be out occupying other planets, we arent, and therefore ,for a person to make you believe that 2012 wont happen, that is ignorant, because nobody knows, not me, not you, not anyone on here. We are just a fraction of time among the universe, our life span is nothing compared to the billions of years the universe has been planning on how to create life, and how to continue supporting life. Think about it a little, everything in the universe is energy, now even energy has a purpose, and we dont even know how different dimensions affect how energy acts, or what it even is and whats its purpose is.

  2. bikenbeer2000 October 22, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    There is no truth in the suggestion that various independent sources have separately predicted doom and destruction on the same date of 21st December 2012. They have done nothing of the sort. Even the Mayans never predicted anything for this date. All that happens is that their Long Count calendar clicks over from to, just as our calendar changed from 1999 to 2000. Various crackpots have all attached their pet doomsday theories to this date.
    There is no known comet on a course to hit us 2012. Numerology is simply manipulation of numbers until they mean whatever you want them to

  3. Slicer October 22, 2012 at 12:04 am #

    Who says the world will end in 2012? Its the just the end of their calenders. If they survived till 2012 they’ll be like “Hey! Lets make it further to 2036″. The world getting destroyed in 2012 is just a false rumor.

  4. Taiwan Pop Fan October 21, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    As for Nostrodamus, I don’t take much stock in his predictions.

    However, I do hold the knowledge of the ancients as credible. Especially the Sumerians, the oldest known civilization. The Sumerians “religious” beliefs have eventually found their way into influencing all of the religions we have today. Most all of today’s religions are merely watered-down versions of the tablets written in Sumer.

    When I punctuate “religion” in reference to the Sumerians, it simply means that their “religion” was more of a historical account, rather than a “religion”. A great deal of the Christian bible creepily mirrors the Sumerian tablets that were written 1000s of years before “Christianity” was even invented.

    At one time the “Gods” who according to Sumerian belief were visitors from beyond earth who descended and drove the fur-covered man from the wild, tamed him, interbred with him, and taught him the tenants of good living and technology. Man then became workers for the gods. These gods never intended to be “worshipped”, they just simply wanted man to work for them in an employee/boss relationship.

    My favorite Sumerian story is that of Utnapishtim. At one time the gods were in the earth’s atmosphere and observed an upcoming deluge that appeared to possibly wipe out their new man-servants. The god Enki (who was sympathetic towards man –and much later became the Christian devil) instructed Utnapishtim to build a vessel to survive the upcoming flood. The vessel was built to be a SUBMERSIVE craft. And in this craft Utnapishtim was instructed to carry animals, not actual animals, but instead the “SEEDS” of animals. After the flood was over, Utnapishtim and his family went on to live in the east and originated the Asian race.

    As far as 2012, no one really knows for certain what will happen, But something WILL! Something as significant as a natural disaster could occur, but more than likely 12/12/2012 will simply be the first day of a whole new cycle of amazing changes. That day will just be the start day. I personally subscribe to a lot of “the quickening” theories, that 12/12/2012 will be the start of a new evolution for man as a species. Our collective consciousness will evolve. I believe that something will happen but it won’t be all at once or that it will be the “end of the world”.

    But, look more into civilizations like the Sumerians. Mayans as well. You’ll be amazed to learn how far advanced they were in mathematics. And their knowledge of the planets in our solar system is mind-boggling! And they knew the world was round ages before the flat-earth nonsense came about.

    There is an overwhelming amount of unexplained evidence left behind by the ancients all over the world to suggest they were all visited and taught by a people not from this earth. The painstakingly mathematic structures, miles-long carvings and mounds in the shape of animals and designs visible from space, repeated accounts of how the visitors (“gods”) came here in fiery vessels from the skies, carvings and cave paintings of the gods depicted wearing helmets and other odd apparatus.

    I would like to recommend two authors for you… but be careful, although I believe without any doubt in this type of theory dealing with man’s origins, I don’t necessarily believe 100% what these authors say. Sometimes you have to sort sensationalism from facts, and in this type of crypto-archeology (also known as “forbidden-archeology”), it can be difficult…

    Erich von Daniken “Chariots of the Gods” and many other books. Erich is known as being the godfather of ancient astronaut theory.

    Zecharia Sitchin “12th Planet” and many other books. Zecharia is a professor and expert on Sumerian culture and a proponent of ancient-astronaut theory.

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