What does it mean when you dream of flying?

What does it mean when you dream of flying?
Me and my mom always have dreams where were flying. (Or running/leaping) When I have dreams like that, I can fell the wind and everything.

My family comes from fortune tellers, or you could call them Romanian Gypsy’s. I myself can read palms and minds. In my family, we believe dreams have messages. They can show the future, the past, or what happened that day. I really wanna know, Thanks.


Suggestion by Ty
Flight represents freedom. Maybe you want to get away or something.

Suggestion by Spell Bond
Dreaming of this can mean that you feel free or want to get away from something. Do you have a busy life? If so, try to have fun, it will help.

Suggestion by Kevin7
It can symbolize exhilaration

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How do I read peoples palms?
I want to learn how to read palms, any help?

Suggestion by FoodLovesMe
well a good simple one to start with is the life time line heres a link with lots of pictures


and basically go thing by thing like if u want to learn how to read a certain thing google it type in how to read if someone is in *blank* on there palm or phrase it better or check out a book about reading palms at the library!good luck!

Suggestion by kilroymaster
The best way to go is to find a book that shows you how to read someones palm…. Check out your local library………………………

Suggestion by Terry
You buy a book such as “Secrets Of The Hand” Authored by Joachim Bennett. Read it then hope you have the talent for the readings full beyond illustrations and diagrams.

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    You are not worthy

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    Go to the about us page and contact the girl there (it has an email address). She will help and give you links and stuff.

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