What does the “ominous line” mean in palm reading?

What does the “ominous linemean in palm reading?
And how do you know if you have it?

Suggestion by Kthxbye
It means “if I scare you enough, I can con you out of more money, you poor, dumb sap.”

Suggestion by Aster
Lmfao, I’ve been studying Palmistry for a few years now, there is no such thing as the “ominous line” there is no one line that is good or bad–they only tell of the personality and influences of the person’s life. Palmistry does NOT tell the future, only what the person is like and then I could speculate on the probability of something happening based on the personality of the subject.

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palm reading what line is your love life?
and what line is yourlife line and so on

Suggestion by I Ain’t Your Momma
You should post this on the Astrology Question page.
Best of Luck. If I knew I would tell ya… but I don’t.

Suggestion by leuroth
somewhere in my palm

Suggestion by anamika
u r the architect of your own fortune……..your lines changes with change in ur thoughts……..so have good thoughts
have a bright future….all the best

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palm line reading
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